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David Newman - UK

Oil and Gas Professional

I believe it is essential for candidates who have the privilege of working through yourselves to have a sense of duty to care about their agencies – it is a mark of respect to each and every one of the agency staff which recognises their knowledge, their professionalism, the energy they devote to each and every candidate, and to the overall well-being of the agency they work for.

Further feedback I believe from candidates is essential as it is an avenue to route not only the good things but perhaps the bad things that the candidate is experiencing by or through the agent so that the agency becomes aware of the + or – aspects. This is essential to provide such constructive comments /criticisms so that quality and standards are upheld.


From my own personal point of view, I have experienced in many decades the worst, and even worse, to the excellent in the manner of their caring approach to the candidate, or the lack of it.  I wish to state for the record that, to date, Kintec has demonstrated exemplary professionalism and duty of care toward its candidates (in my experience in any case).  It is this that has propelled it into a global stage for the industry.

Thank you Kintec for providing me that work and long may it reign – thanks to all who have supported, guided and assisted me in this current assignment, particularly Nick Edge and Elly Dutton.


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